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10th ZNOJMO OPEN 2017 Tisk E-mail
Napsal František Macek | 14. květen 2017 | Aktualizováno 08. červen 2017

Date: 9th – 10th of June 2017 
Place: Sport hall F. J. Curie 3302/5, Znojmo 66902 
Organizer: Czech Taekwon-Do I.T.F. Association

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Individual application:
Application teams:

Tournament director: Kvetuse Mackova 
Umpire chairman: Frantisek Macek 
Results service: Mgr. Radek Padrta, Josef Hruza, Bc. Radek Loucky 
Medical support: MUDr. David Nahlik 

Applications: The deadline is online on Wednesday 7th of June 2017 - 12:00 PM. 
The application form can be found on in the reportage about ZNOJMO OPEN 2017. 

Or here: Application individuals: will be added later
Competition schedule 

Friday, June 9rd 2017 
17:00 – 21:00 registration and weigh-in (Sport hall F. J. Curie), accommodation 

Saturday, June 10th 2017 
8:00 Entering the hall 
8:30 Umpires meeting 
9:00 Coach meeting and mat allocation 
9:30 Official opening ceremony, start of the competition 
20:30 End of the tournament

Competition information 

Divisions: individual, team Groups 
Children male, female 11 years and younger 
Pre-Junior male, female 12 – 13 years 
Junior male, female 14 – 17 years 
Adult male, female 18 years and older

Competitors must be 10th kup for participation in event of pattern. 
Competitors must be min. 8th kup for participation in event of sparring. 
Competitors must be min. 8th kup for participation in event of T-Ki. 

Children male 10.+9.kup, 8.+7.kup, 6.+5.kup, 4.+3.kup, 2.kup + 
Children female 10.+9.kup,8.+7.kup, 6.+5.kup, 4.+3.kup, 2.kup + 
Pre-Junior male 10.+9.kup,8.+7.kup, 6.+5.kup, 4.+3.kup, 2.kup + 
Pre-Junior female 10.+9.kup,8.+7.kup, 6.+5.kup, 4.+3.kup, 2.kup + 
Junior male 10.+9.kup,8.+7.kup, 6.+5.kup, 4.+3.kup, 2.+1.kup, I.Dan, + 
Junior female 10.+9.kup,8.+7.kup, 6.+5.kup, 4.+3.kup, 2.+1.kup, I.Dan, + 
Adult male 10.+9.kup,8.+7.kup, 6.- 3.kup, 2.+1.kup, I.Dan, II. Dan + 
Adult female 10.+9.kup,8.+7.kup, 6.- 3.kup, 2.+1.kup, I.Dan + II.Dan + 
Eliminations: 1 optional pattern 
Final: 1 obligatory and 1 optional pattern 
Each individual competitor has to comply with art. VII. Legislation. 
The organizer has the right to join up categories due to low number of competitors in individual categories and/or add another category in technical degree DAN and higher. 

Children male -25kg, -30kg, -35kg, -40kg, 40kg + 
Children female -20kg, -25kg, -30kg, -35kg, 35kg + 
Pre-Junior male -40kg, -45kg, -50kg, -55kg, -60kg, 60kg + 
Pre-Junior female -35kg, -40kg, -45kg, -50kg, -55kg, 55kg + 
Junior male -50kg, -55kg, -60kg, -65kg, -70kg, 70kg + 
Junior female -45kg, -50kg, -55kg, -60kg, -65kg, 65kg + 
Adult male -58kg, -64kg, -70kg, -76kg, -82kg, 82kg + 
Adult female -50kg, -55kg, -60kg, -65kg, -70kg, 70kg + 
The organizer has the right to join up categories due to low number of competitors. 
Eliminations: fight 1x2min 
Final: fight 2x1,5 min. Children, Other 2x2 min

Each individual couch is fully responsible for his competitor. He will assure for all his competitors to use protection gear according to I.T.F. rules. 
Helmet – children, Pre Junior, Juniors! 
All – teeth protection and jockstrap, covered hand/foot gloves. 
No box gloves, no Bandages/Wraps! 
A) 1 point for: 
Punch in middle or high area 
Kick in middle area 
Jumping punch in middle area 
B) 2 points for: 
Kick in high area 
Flying or jumping kick in middle area 
Jumping punch in high area 
C) 3 points for: 
Flying or jumping kick in high area 

Categories: Junior male, Junior female, Adult male, Adult female 
Elimination technique - Twimyo Nopi Chagi 
Junior male – 230 cm, Junior female – 220 cm, 
Senior male – 250 cm, Senior female – 230 cm. 

Clubs can appoint maximum one team for pattern and one team for sparring. 
Both teams of men and woman for pattern and sparring enabled. 

Pattern – team 
Each team consists of 3 to 5 competitors (without reserve player). 
Elimination: 1 optional pattern. 
Final: 1 optional pattern and 1 obligatory pattern. 
The obligatory pattern is set according to the lowest technical degree in the team. 
Teams can be mixed in categories: juniors and Adults, junior females and senior females. Youth teams can be mixed of Children + Pre Junior male and Children + Pre Junior female. 

Sparring – team 
Each team consists of 3 to 5 competitors (without reserve player). 
Elimination: children with pre juniors 1x1,5 min., juniors and Adult 1x2 min.. 
Final: fight 1x2 min. 
Centre umpire, in case of obvious physical or technical dominance, can ask corner referees for their opinion and decide about the winner. 
After winning 3 points the Team becomes automatically the winner. Teams can be mixed in categories: males juniors and adults, females juniors and adults.

Fees: 15 EUR/competitor if referees will be delivered 
(1-10 competitors = 1 referee, 11-20 competitors = 2 referees, atc.) 
20 EUR/competitor if the club does not deliver a referee 
20 EUR/competitor entered after the deadline 
20 EUR per change - All changes in starting list (e.g. wrong category enter etc.) 

Umpire is not allowed to leave the determined seat.
Each umpire has to be present at the registration together with his club.
Each umpire will be dressed according to the rules of I.T.F. for the whole event.
Free accommodation and lunch for the umpires will be provided. The accommodation will be refunded at the end of the competition based on submitted receipt. For all Referees is assured a Lunch.

Declaration and consent 
Each competitor is obliged to hand over filled declaration and consent about the competition at the registration. For all competitors who will not be 18 years old, the declaration and consent has to be signed by legal representative. 
Without valid declaration, participation on the competition will not be permitted. 

Each competitor, who starts in the sparring category, has to be accompanied by a coach older than 18 years and dressed according to the rules of I.T.F. 

The rules of I.T.F. will be valid in this competition. 
Protest/Objection against umpire award during the competition can be announced 
and handed over to umpire chairman only by coach in written in conformity with 
the procedure (within 5 min. after the end of fight) together with advance payment 
of 20 EUR, the advance payment will be handed over directly to Umpire chairman. 

The competitors winning 1st, 2nd and 3rd price will be awarded medals and diplomas. The most successful competitors from each group will be awarded a cup, as well as the most successful club. 

The technical degree of each individual competitor has to correspond to the degree 
stated on the card. 

The card has to be submitted at the registration 9th of June 2017. 

Please assure for booking of your accommodation as soon as possible. 

Our recommendations: 
Penzion MORAVA 
Hakenova 16 66902 Znojmo 
GPS: 48.852414, 16.066203 
tel: +420 602 526 352 

Motorest PENZION u Benziny 
Pražská 3543/94, 669 02 Znojmo 
GPS: 48.868379, 16.034023 
tel: +420 515 221 259, GSM +420 608 863 167 

Penzion ZNOJMO 
Hakenova 29 66902 Znojmo 
GPS: 48.846925, 16.059204 
GSM: +420 731 188 068 

Penzion GARNI Znojmo 
Cihlářská 2828/8 669 02 Znojmo 
GPS: 48.857770, 16.06873 
GSM: +420 737 916 000 

Penzion E59 
Znojmo 349 671 81 Znojmo 
GPS: 48.828841, 16.072092 
GSM: +420 777 300 600, tel: +420 515 226 724 

Slunečný penzion 
Tasovice 195, 671 25 
recepce: +420 724 949 

The Znojmo area 
A region full of history, fertile vineyards, magical nature, and numerous historical landmarks. The eastern portion is located in sunny lowlands, while the western portion is composed of downs through which the Dyje, Želetavka, Jevišovka a Rokytná rivers have carved their beds. The centre of the region is the town of Znojmo, the second largest town in the South Moravia Region as well as the centre of this famous wine-making region. 
Virtual tour: 

Znojmo is located 80 Km from Vienna Airport (direct train connection), 60 Km from Brno Airport, 200 Km from Prague Airport. 

We look forward to seeing you in Znojmo in June. 

With kind Regards, 

Frantisek Macek, V.Dan 
President Czech Taekwon-Do I.T.F. Association 
INO 348 
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