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VIII. Grand Master Class Taekwon-Do I.T.F. Czech Republic 2016 Tisk E-mail
Napsal František Macek | 24. únor 2014 | Aktualizováno 25. leden 2016
013_znojmo Annual January Grand Master Class in Znojmo

Dear Instructors,
dear Coaches and all Taekwon-Do I.T.F. students.

We invite you to one day Seminar with
I.T.F. Secretary General, ’’SAULABI’’ Grand Master Trevor Nicholls,

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Check the list at the 9th International Seminar

Master Glenn Horan VII.Dan HSTS Taekwon-Do Schools UTA
Michael Owen V.Dan HSTS Taekwon-Do Schools UTA

Jana Galinski IV.Dan Ger-ITF
Iris Galinski IV.Dan Ger-ITF
Gérard Galinski IV.Dan Ger-ITF

Zaza Chanturia IV.Dan Georgia's Taekwondo ITF Federation
Akaki Melkadze II.Dan Georgia's Taekwondo ITF Federation
Ioseb SolomoniSvili III.Dan Georgia's Taekwondo ITF Federation
Murtuzlu Shaban III.Dan Georgia's Taekwondo ITF Federation

Michael Flaherty VI.Dan Irish International Taekwon Do Federation

Alireza Shahidi VI.Dan Zurich TKD Imperial
Phong Nguyan I.Dan Zurich TKD Imperial

Seminar will be held on: 09-10-th January 2016 in Znojmo, Czech Republic
(60Km from Brno, 80Km from Vienna, 200Km from Prague and Bratislava).


On Saturday, 09-th January 2016
 10:00 to 17:00 - seminar on sparring - designed for all belts
              18:00 - exam for black belts

On Sunday, 10-th January  2016
 10:00 to 13:00 - technical seminar - only for black belts

$ 80 ($ 60 for the Grand Master, and $ 20 for costs associated with the seminar)

School of JUDr. Josefa Marese
Klášterní 3301/2, 671 81 Znojmo, Czech Republic
Access plan:

Hotel Prestige****
Pražská 100, 669 02 Znojmo, Czech Republic e-mail: Tato adresa je chráněna proti spamování, pro její zobrazení potřebujete mít Java scripty povoleny tel:+4205155224595

Deadline for your application is 5-th January 2016.
Please confirm your participation by email: Tato adresa je chráněna proti spamování, pro její zobrazení potřebujete mít Java scripty povoleny or phone: +420724152277. More information:

For those, who would like to apply for DAN degree testing, please note that you are supposed to have Application for DAN Degree proper filled and with you on Saturday. Wooden plates for breaking and safety gear for sparring is obligatory.
Do not miss this unique occasion to participate on Taekwon-Do Seminar, sanctioned by ITF. Use your chance to meet in person Grandmaster Trevor Nicholls, IX. Dan,who will be leading this seminar. You also have chance to visit royal Town of Znojmo, well known for it´s rich history and wonderful sightseeing. You also can explore friendly hospitality and famous wines of Znojmo.

We are looking forward to see you soon.

Best regards,
               Frantisek Macek IV. Dan
President of Czech Taekwon-Do Association INO 348

Except of yearly Znojmo Open competition, Czech Association organized last year Master Class lead by Grand Master Choi Jung Hwa IX.Dan and also regular Master Class held by ITF Secretary General Grand Master Trevor Nicholls IX. Dan.
This Master class takes place every year in January. This is another reason, why many Masters, Instructors and Students from Australia, Austria, Canada, Croatia, England, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Nederland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Ukraina, Uzbekistan and Wales repeatedly found their way to Znojmo to share their knowledge and experience.Australia, 

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I. Master Class by Grand Master Choi Jung Hwa in Czech Republic 2012
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