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Napsal František Macek | 01. únor 2011 | Aktualizováno 14. říjen 2013

On 15.-16.January 2011, Master Class Taekwon-Do I.T.F. conducted by ’’SAULABI’’ Master Trevor Nicholls VIII.Dan, Secretary General from London, U.K.  was held in Znojmo, Czech Republic. 
More than 70 participants arrived from Australia, Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, England, Germany, Italy and Slovakia.

australia austria croatia czech england germany italy slovakia  

This event was organized by Czech Taekwon-Do I.T.F. already for third time. Most of the participants from longer distance like Italy, Australia, Germany and England, arrived already on Friday, the 14.January and so many languages were heard in Znojmo on this evening. Students impatiently expected next day and were looking forward to meet with other at collective training with the aim to become more educated and improve their own knowledge in this modern and traditional Korean martial art.
011_seminar-zn_1 On Saturday morning, students met in Dojang and also groups from Slovakia, Croatia and Austria joined them. At 10:00AM punctually, Master Trevor Nicholls entered the Dojang and was greeted by massed parade. And so, the two day seminar started.
In first part, basic techniques were practiced with emphasis on using hips, body weight, natural motion and implementing all to one continuous wave motion. After lunch, participants had to show their persistence whilst practicing kicks on training pads. We have learned more about different kicks application and performance both in individual kicks and patterns. All the time, Master Glenn Horan VI.Dan from England, was close to Master Nicholls and performed excellent all techniques to show us the proper way. Based on our questions, differences between Yop Chagi and Dwit Chagi we explained and practiced. The day was finished by practicing Patterns from Tong-Il to Po-Eun.
In the evening, participants visited wine cellar where small tour and wine tasting of typical regional wines was arranged.  Because of demanding day and also expectations of next training, the evening was finished around 10:00PM and all left to draw power for next day.
011_seminar-zn_2 011_seminar-zn_3 011_seminar-zn_4 011_seminar-zn_5 011_seminar-zn_6
            011_seminar-zn_8 011_seminar-zn_11 011_seminar-zn_12 011_seminar-zn_13
Sunday, the 16.1. 2011, for sure was not a regular day. Except to third block of the Taekwon-Do Seminar for black belts only, it was also the day of higher Dan degree exams.  The Dojang was full with black belts and at 10:00 AM on time, greeted Master Nicholls. All morning was dedicated to patterns exercises. Many questions connected to proper understanding of individual techniques appeared on that day and Master Nicholls took time to answer all properly. Unfortunately, the German group had to leave to get their flight home, so we said goodbye to Master Olaf Braemer VI.Dan current World Champion from last World cup in Korea, and his team. I have to say, that Master Braemer with his excellent techniques was perfect example for many of participants and deserves our appreciation. Master Nicholls used this occasion and explained that everyone and also such an expert like Mr. Braemer, needs his teacher to be able to improve his abilities and opinion.  In conclusion, all participants were informed that Taekwon-Do community and it´ s principles would not be consistent and powerful without regular meetings and friendships among different countries and traditions.  Then, the Seminar was officially finished.
011_seminar-zn_10 But the day was not over for those who had to attend exams for higher black belts. 10 students from Czech Taekwon-Do I.T.F. Association applied for exam. After more than 3 hours of proper testing, the final result was declared by Master Trevor Nicholls VIII.Dan, Secretary General of Taekwon-Do I.T.F.  All student promoted successfully and so Czech Association gained new seven II.Dan degree, two III.Dan degree and one IV.Dan degree. 
Taking this occasion, allow me, on behalf of Czech I.T.F. Association as well as all participants, to express deep thanks to Master Trevor Nicholls VIII.Dan for excellent Seminar. It was great experience and we had chance to improve our skills, to share opinion and also to get fresh motivation for training.  

Thanks belong also to all groups from different countries for pleasant and friendly time spent together.
Hopefully, we all will continue this tradition and meet at the next seminar in Czech republic in 2012.

Taekwon !

Frantisek Macek
Foto: http://rade.plavec.cz/taekwondo/2011_01_15_seminar/index.html

1. Vladimir Belhac
2. Denisa Batova
3. Jaroslav Svoboda
4. Stefan Kovac
5. Lubos Mudroch
6. Karel Traxler
7. Vaclav Hruby

1. Jiri Dospisil
2. Eduard Liska

1. Frantisek Macek

List participants of Masters seminar 15.-16. 1. 2011 Znojmo Czech Republic

Australia           www.itftaekwondo.com/uniteditf
Austria              www.itftaekwondo.at
Croatia              www.taekwondo-gradiste.com
Czech Republic  www.itf-czech.cz
England             www.utaonline.co.uk
Germany           www.tkd-deutschland.de
Italy                   www.itftaekwondo.it
Slovakia             www.itftaekwondo.sk

1.   Master Matiullah Karwandgar Slovakia

2.   Glenn Horan            England 
3.   Olaf Braemer           Germany
4.   Maurizio Troiano      Italy


5.   Andrew Kung                Australia
6.   Nakibollah Molawizadeh Austria
7.   Dominik Maduna           Croatia
8.   Bernhard Lonczewski    Germany
9.   Marcello Genco             Italy

10. Kvetuse Sobotkova  Czech Republic
11. Frantisek Macek     Czech Republic
12. Jana Galinski          Germany
13. Marcel Fesser         Germany
14. Irena Skoro             Croatia

15. Jiri Dospisil       Czech Republic
16. Eduard Liska     Czech Republic
17. Antonin Belhac  Czech Republic
18. Ana Bodon        Croatia
19. Gerard Galinski Germany
20. Svenja Walter    Germany
21. Markus Leder    Germany
22 Brian Lurie          Slovakia
23. Ilirijan Berisha    Slovakia
24. Bekim Sabani    Slovakia
25. Vladimir Sudor   Slovakia
26. Tibor Labuda      Slovakia

27. Vladimir Belhac    Czech Republic
28. Libor Sula            Czech Republic
29. Vaclav Hruby        Czech Republic
30. Ivana Mlckova       Czech Republic
31. Stefan Kovac        Czech Republic
32. Karel Traxler         Czech Republic
33. Radek Padrta        Czech Republic
34. Denisa Batova       Czech Republic
35. Leona Docekalova  Czech Republic
36. Jaroslav Svoboda   Czech Republic
37. Lubos Mudroch      Czech Republic    
38. Pavo Soldan          Croatia                      
39. Ivan Mirkovic          Croatia
40. David Barath          Slovakia
41. Benjamin Sabani    Slovakia
42. Miloslav Jurik         Slovakia

43. Josef Novotny           Czech Republic
44. Davide Falciano        Italy
45. Francesko Pignataro Italy

46. Josef Podany       Czech Republic
47. Tomas Kratochvil  Czech Republic
48. Josef Hruza          Czech Republic
49. Josef Hruza jun.    Czech Republic
50. Jan Kugler            Czech Republic

55. Vaclav Buzek           Czech Republic
56. Hana Vymazalova     Czech Republic
57. Tereza Vymazalova   Czech Republic
58. Veronika Mikulincova Slovakia

51. Jiri Abeska      Czech Republic
52. Jakub Kmec    Czech Republic
53. Jakub Pavelka Czech Republic
54. Milos Vymazal Czech Republic

59. Alexandr Bashiri  Czech Republic
60. Josef Srb             Czech Republic
61. Patrik Bohdalek   Czech Republic
62. Pavel Worbis jun. Czech Republic
63. Juraj Duracka      Slovakia
64. Viktor Grznarik    Slovakia
65. Richard Kopal      Slovakia

66. Gabriela Novotna      Czech Republic
67. Ludek Lukas Nespor Czech Republic

68. Martin Vejchoda Czech Republic

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