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Napsal František Macek | 01. leden 2011 | Aktualizováno 02. leden 2011
trevornichollssuit100x100Czech Taekwon-Do I.T.F. Association organized master and technical seminar ITF www.itf-administration.com This led the Secretary-General Trevor Nicholls ITFMaster VIII.Dan London www.tkd.co.uk

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Master Nicholls was recently invited to Znojmo in the Czech Republic to conduct a one day master class.  Mr Glenn Horan VI degree and I, (Kevin McCabe V degree), were fortunate to travel with him to share in the experience.

We flew into Vienna and were met by the Czech Taekwon-do Association President, Mr Frantisek Macek, and Secretary Jan Prochazka who kindly collected us and drove across the boarder into Czech.

On the morning of 16th January, we made the trip to the dojang where Master Nicholls was greeted by more than 40 students from yellow belts up to 4th degrees.  Some students had travelled 10 hours from Croatia to join in with the training – thank you to Mr Dominik Maduna IV degree for leading that group.

Master Nicholls made a short speech highlighting the importance of training together; the simple act of wearing a dobok and trying to better ourselves is at the core of our Taekwon-do training.  The ITF community is vast, with different cultures and histories – but when we’re in the dojang, we are all alike.

The morning session was devoted kicking, namely ap cha busigi (front snap kick).  Master Nicholls explained that it could be performed 3 ways depending on the type of training you are doing or the intent of the technique. 

We can do a ‘flicky’ kick, which has little power and is used a teasing technique when sparring; to encourage opponent to come forward where you can then attack them again.  This is analogous to a boxers jab.

The second method is a more emphasised, deliberate technique, like the type you may imagine is tul.  It is pretty, dynamic and demonstrates balance and rhythm.

The 3rd method is the most powerful and devastating – performed from the rear leg, the idea being to kick with maximum body mass.  At the moment of impact, the body should be falling forward.  This type of kick is not as pretty and the 2nd but the power is huge.

After a lunch break, Glenn Horan demonstrated Tong-Il.  Master Nicholls then selected two of the techniques to practise with the group; Bakat palmok anuro magki (outer forearm inward block) and sewo chagi (vertical kick).  The group drilled these two techniques many times, the aim being to utilise the body mass into the technique, and not just the limbs.

Kevin McCabe then performed So-San, and again, Master Nicholls chose to work on the yonsok chagi (consecutive kick) comprising of side kick and turning kick for the group to drill.  The main point being that it’s much better to perform a correct technique at a lower level than to kick high with no technique and no power.

The day was rounded off with some tul.  From Sam-Il down to Dan-Gun, the group worked together to complete the patterns.

It was a great trip, and we met some old friends and made some new ones – for me, the ITF’s greatest strength is its international community of students, hungry to learn and to train with others.  We certainly found this in Znojmo, as Mr Macek said “Czech Republic is very happy!”

On behalf of Master Nicholls, thank you for the invitation and the hospitality.

    Kevin McCabe V.Dan

List participants of Masters seminar 16. 1. 2010 Znojmo Czech Republic

1.   Glenn Horan            England  
2.   Kevin McCabe         Wales  
3.   Dominik Maduna      Croatia   
4.   Kvetuse Sobotkova   Czech Republic               
5.   Frantisek Macek      Czech Republic                    
6.   Sandra Livia Maduna Croatia    
7.   Branimir Gagulic       Croatia     
8.   Eduard Liska           Czech Republic                           
9.   Jiri Dospísil             Czech Republic                            
10. Antonin Belhac        Czech Republic                      
11. Adam Filipovic         Croatia           
12. Ivana Mlckova          Czech Republic                        
13. Libor Sula               Czech Republic                               
14. Vladimir Belhac       Czech Republic
15. Jiri Herzig               Czech Republic
16. Hana Kovacova        Czech Republic
17. Stefan Kovac           Czech Republic
18. Vaclav Hruby           Czech Republic
19. Pavel Fucik              Czech Republic
20. Lubos Mudroch        Czech Republic

21. Karel Prochazka       Czech Republic
22. Jan Prochazka          Czech Republic
23. Petr Kejda                Czech Republic
24. Vu Huy Hoang          Czech Republic
25. Josef Novotny           Czech Republic

26. Jakub Rajnoha          Czech Republic
27. Tomas Kratochvil      Czech Republic
28. Josef Hruza              Czech Republic
29. Hana Vymazalova     Czech Republic
30. Tereza Vymazalova   Czech Republic
31. Andrea Nesnidalova   Czech Republic
32. Josef Podany            Czech Republic

33. Josef Hruza jun.        Czech Republic

34. Hana Krivankova       Czech Republic 
35. Jakub Kmec             Czech Republic
36. Frantisek Mlejnek     Czech Republic
37. Jiri Abeska               Czech Republic
38. Jakub Pavelka          Czech Republic
41. Sergej Vyhnanek      Czech Republic
40. Josef Srb                 Czech Republic
39. Patrik Bohdalek        Czech Republic

42. Ales Auer                  Czech Republic

43. Pavel Worbis             Czech Republic
44. Pavel Worbis jun.       Czech Republic
45. Kamila Janakova        Czech Republic
46. Daniel Janak             Czech Republic 
49. Alexandr Bashiri        Czech Republic      
48. Julie Komarkova        Czech Republic
47. Ludek Nespor            Czech Republic

                                  Foto: Alan Malč 
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