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Napsal Miloš Vymazal | 21. červenec 2008 | Aktualizováno 03. leden 2009
Znojmo Open 2008 On Friday the 20-th. of June 2008 Taekwon-Do fans of Korean martial art Taekwon-Do I.T.F. arrived to Znojmo. The purpose was to joust on 1-st. annual Znojmo open next day. (Sports Hall Znojmo, 9:00 AM, June the 21-st.) This international trial was organised by team of confessors and students from Taekwon-Do I.T.F. So-San Znojmo School in co-operation with DDM Znojmo. Most of them have practised together with competing team in ZŠ Zeletice so very good potential of competitors was established to score on home field. The officials succeeded to deliver well prepared organizing team, referees and competitors, which usually does not happen so often. But at the end, thanks to efforts of all, we had the pleasure to welcome in Znojmo all teams entered for the competition.  

On 1. Znojmo open 2008 following competing teams took part: 
1. School TKD I.T.F. So-San Znojmo 40 (Czech republic)
2. School Taekwon-Do Sam-Il Cebin 19 (Czech republic)
3. Club Taekwon-Do Ki Ap C. Budejovice 16 (Czech republic)
4. Club Taekwon-Do ITF Hong Ryong Sered 13 ( Slovakia )
5. I.T.F. Austria 5 
6. School TKD I.T.F. Do-San Sumna 5 (Czech republic)
7. School TKD I.T.F. Hwa-Rang Jevisovice 4 (Czech republic)
8. Fight Club Borovany 3 (Czech republic)
9. Impact Taekwon-Do Club 1 ( New Zealand )

Another teams who promised to participate:
10. I.T.F. India  
11. I.T.F. Italy
12. Club Hatvan Hungary
13. School Il-Dong Ostrava (Czech republic)
14. School Koguryo Třebíc (Czech republic)
15. Club Taekwon-Do Tradycyjnego w Łodz ( Poland )
16. I.T.F. Ghana 
17. Sport Club Taekwon-Do DRAKO ( Slovakia )

 The Tul (pattern) discipline for all age categories and technical degrees, started early in the morning. Representatives from Czech republic (Znojmo) and New Zealand counted among the most followed category of senior women I.-II. Dan (black belt),. Concerning the contest of senior men II.-V. Dan (black belt), the highest reception was given to Czech republic (Znojmo) and Austrian I.T.F. Federation representatives. The Tul discipline was crowned by team Tul contest (Team pattern). Team of 5 participants performed its own entry and choreography of the whole pattern. Teams from Czech republic (Znojmo, Sumna, Jevisovice, Ceske Budejovice) as well as from Slovakia, Poland and Austria gained big applause from present attendants.  
After lunch break, Znojmo open continued with Matsogi discipline (Sparing) in all age categories and technical degrees but under the condition of minimum 6.Kup (Green belt) requested. The reason was to avoid pointless injury and to rely on certain experience of competitors. The main focus was given to seniors and I.-V. Dan degrees (black belts). This discipline was highlighted by Team Matsogi (Team sparring) Matsogi team consists from 6 participants, one for each category plus one substitute. In this discipline, teams from Czech republic (Znojmo, Ceske Budejovice), Poland and Austria took part. Especially teams from Poland and Austria I.T.F. had great success among the visitors. 
The tournament was completed by routine show provided by girl dance group of Karel Polesný secondary school in Znojmo. Their entrance was highly appreciated with big applause by both visitors and competitors. In the final highlights, best individual competitors and teams were proclaimed.
After closing and clearing up the sports hall, referees and coaches from all teams participated, have met in Irish restaurant to an after party arranged by Znojmo team.
And so, after last year´s Moravian master ship, first open cup in Znojmo was held and Znojmo Taekwon-Do reputation was increased. From now on in the meaning of Taekwon-Do confessors, Znojmo team will be recognized not only as favourable competitor and effectual referees, but also as successful organiser of international tournaments. 
Taking the occasion I would like to express best thanks to all realization team and DDM Znojmo organization for well done work that was really exacting. Many thanks also to all Znojmo Taekwon-Do participants for successful representing the Znojmo school. 
Allow me to send best thanks also to all sponsoring companies, namely Freeport International Outlet, Lineal, Stavomat Znojmo, Znovín Znojmo, Interno, Pneuservis Kárník, Fotop Štefan Kováč, Intermobil Znojmo and Podlahářství Macek.

The next Znojmo Open will be on the 13th of June. We are looking forward to Your visit.

Best girl  
Katerina Hetflaisova 7.Kup School TKD ITF Do-San Sumna Czech republic

Best boy
Vladimir Belhac 1.Kup School TKD ITF So-San Znojmo Czech republic

Best junior female 
Magda Machovcova I.Dan School TKD ITF So-San Znojmo Czech republic

Best junior male
Jirí Dospisil I.Dan School TKD ITF So-San Znojmo Czech republic

Best senior female 
Carolina Dillen I.Dan Impact Taekwon-Do Club New Zealand

Best senior male
Elmar Kickingereder V.Dan ITF- Austria 

School ranking
Ranking school Gold Silver Bronze
1. School Taekwon-Do So-San Znojmo 16 15 10
2. Club Taekwon-Do Hong Ryong Sered 6 4 1
3. Fight Club Ceske Budejovice 3 3 3
4. School Taekwon-Do Sam-Il Cebin 3 3 2 
5. School Taekwon-Do Sumna 2 4 1
6. ITF – Austria 2 2 4
7. Impact Taekwon-Do Club New Zealand 2 0 0
8. School Taekwon-Do Jevišovice 0 4 2
9. Fight Club Borovany 1 0 0

Result service 
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