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Master Nicholls in the Czech Republic 2011 Tisk E-mail
Napsal František Macek | 01. únor 2011 | Aktualizováno 14. říjen 2013

On 15.-16.January 2011, Master Class Taekwon-Do I.T.F. conducted by ’’SAULABI’’ Master Trevor Nicholls VIII.Dan, Secretary General from London, U.K.  was held in Znojmo, Czech Republic. 
More than 70 participants arrived from Australia, Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, England, Germany, Italy and Slovakia.

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Master Nicholls in the Czech Republic 2010 Tisk E-mail
Napsal František Macek | 01. leden 2011 | Aktualizováno 02. leden 2011
trevornichollssuit100x100Czech Taekwon-Do I.T.F. Association organized master and technical seminar ITF www.itf-administration.com This led the Secretary-General Trevor Nicholls ITFMaster VIII.Dan London www.tkd.co.uk

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III. Znojmo open 2010 Tisk E-mail
Napsal František Macek | 01. leden 2011 | Aktualizováno 26. leden 2011
12. 6. 2010 Sport hal Znojmo


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Czech Taekwon-Do ITF Association in Korea Tisk E-mail
Napsal František Macek | 01. leden 2011 | Aktualizováno 14. květen 2017
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In Czech Republic, there are is certain group of traditional Korean martial art Takwon-Do fans, who attend regularly seminars of Grand Master Choi Jung Hwa, the president of I.T.F., which take place all over Europe.
And how could happen that majority of the group landed in Korea? In fact, the story begun already on 3.-4.May 2008 in Italian city Corigliano Calabro. Italian Taekwon-Do Federation leaded by Master Antonio Troiano, VIII.Dan organized ITF seminar and invited our Czech group to friendly meeting with the president of ITF. This was the final impulse for foundation of Czech Taekwon-Do ITF Association.

Master Nicholls in the Czech Republic 2009 Tisk E-mail
Napsal Miloš Vymazal | 27. únor 2009 | Aktualizováno 02. leden 2011
trevornichollssuit100x100Master Trevor Nicholls arrived according to invitation of CTA on Saturday at 13:35 on Vienna Swechat airport where he was welcomed by representatives of CTA ITF Mr. Frantisek Macek and Mr. Jan Prochazka. After on-coming and check in at the Prestige Hotel, for small lunch was arranged in Althan palace restaurant.
I. Znojmo open 2008 Tisk E-mail
Napsal Miloš Vymazal | 21. červenec 2008 | Aktualizováno 03. leden 2009
Znojmo Open 2008 On Friday the 20-th. of June 2008 Taekwon-Do fans of Korean martial art Taekwon-Do I.T.F. arrived to Znojmo. The purpose was to joust on 1-st. annual Znojmo open next day. (Sports Hall Znojmo, 9:00 AM, June the 21-st.)
Report from TKD ITF Znojmo Tisk E-mail
Napsal František Macek | 17. březen 2008 | Aktualizováno 17. březen 2008
SSZ-rep07_m.jpg[February 22th] At the turn of the years there is time to sum up the past and make plans for the future. Therefore we received a report from Mr. Frantisek Macek the Head of the School of Taekwon-do ITF in Znojmo (Czech Republic) about the activity of the club in the year 2007. [... pdf.png]
So-San Znojmo School Activities Tisk E-mail
Napsal Tomáš Taufer | 14. srpen 2007 | Aktualizováno 30. srpen 2007
znojmoA_m.jpg[August 14th] I would like information about activities School of Taekwon-Do I.T.F. So-San in Znojmo. The last informations were about Seminary with Mr. Jerzy Jedut VI. Dan and Jaroslaw Suska V. Dan., that was in our school. [... pdf.png]
Seminar In Znojmo, Czech Tisk E-mail
Napsal Administrator | 21. listopad 2006 | Aktualizováno 01. leden 2011
sem_znojmo06_m.jpg[November 21th] On Saturday and Sunday 19th and 20th of November So San Znojmo Club, leaded by Mr. František Macek, held a technical seminar in Znojmo, Czech. The seminar was conducted by Mr. Jerzy Jedut VI Dan assisted by Mr. Jaroslaw Suska. [... pdf.png]
2nd Smolenice Open – Slovakia Tisk E-mail
Napsal Tomáš Taufer | 06. listopad 2006 | Aktualizováno 30. srpen 2007
smolopen07_m.jpg[November 6th]
On the 4th of November 2006 was held the 2nd Smolenice Open, an open competition in Taekwondo ITF for elementaries, juniors, seniors, colors and black belts. The main organizer was Sport Club Drako Smolenice Taekwon-Do ITF [... pdf.png]
Seminar In Znojmo, Czech Tisk E-mail
Napsal Administrator | 06. říjen 2006 | Aktualizováno 01. leden 2011
jjedut_znojmo_m.jpg[October 6th]
It is my pleasure to invite You to Znojmo for a Seminar with Mr. Jerzy Jedut, the member of the AETF Technical Committee, the Vice President of Polish TKD Association of the technical matters. On the 15th of September our club School of TK-D I.T.F. So-San Znojmo... [... pdf.png]

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